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sâmbătă, 11 ianuarie 2014



It's late at night..
I can't sleep.
I feel very fresh at my desk
With the window open,
Looking to the black sky
Amazing beautifully shining 
Milky Way of lights
Sending to my heart their sweet warmth..

I want to write a poem..
The Stars blink to me without interruption..
They are like billions of close friends
Wanting to make me smile, laugh
And to be happy timeless,
Making me love them without condition..
Forever to feel them into mind
Together with my own blood..

Oh, my diamonds little Stars !
Who are you ?
Why are you looking for me every night
And enter my room whenever you like ?
I forget the reality while admiring you..
You don't belong to my world but
You make my Soul dance in such a happiness
Not known on Earth !

Why do you make me think of you
All day long with passion, 
Without other thoughts,
The body gentle trembling
And wait for the next night to come
With the deep desire in my cells
Of knowing your special warmth
That melts my heart ?

I'd like to live and shine with you
Over the black clouds
In the night Sky
To be able to touch the humans' hearts
For ever turning their sentiments to the Light of Love
For ever dancing the circle of Earth
Together in Peace and Divine Love !

Haminia Haar,
"Moon And Stars In Our Hearts", Nr.10

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