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duminică, 15 decembrie 2013



It's time to dance
My dear friend,
To dance the dance of Life
Over the cosmic Light !

You came to Earth
With a special mission
In the womb of a mother,
God's sister .

She taught you His words
To Humanity,
The words of Love,
The words of Peace in our hearts.

She made her mission 
To you and to the world..
Now, it's your turn
To follow her !

It's time to dance
The dance of happiness,
After so much work
To learn the holy book divine !

Now, you are a Teacher
In the Universe to teach
The science of breathing
The Love from Love !

Let's dance 
Over the nights and stars
The dance of friendship
Under Sun !

Let's dance the Freedom
That lies in all the souls,
Let's break the darkness
With the Light !

You are the Master, now
Of the global orchestra
To bring the wisdom and Love
To the Humankind !

It's time to dance, my friend
The waltz of Love
To make the Planet shine
In the garden of God !

Haminia Haar,
"Moon And Stars In Our Hearts"

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