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vineri, 29 noiembrie 2013



How lonely are the nights
After knowing the Divine Love..
How hard and shocked is your mind
When you feel the Soul of your beloved..!

You feel her Love so close to you,
You breathe her freesia perfume,
But you can't hold her in your arms
God gave you only His Truth..!

Divine Love is the greatest Love possible
That's why we are longing for it so much
In the lonely nights watching the Moon
When our lips would like to be touched..!

Our thoughts live in our beings,
Our desires are deeper and deeper
To love and touch our universal dream
Veiled in the form of body..!

When I close my eyes
I see you smiling in my room,
Coming and embracing me,
So much warmth giving to me!

We are twin flames
In the Kingdom of Love
Wishing to show us our sweet passion
And merge into One..!

I wish to love each other so much,
To forget about everything around,
Butterflies flying like little pink stars
Into the eternal Paradise of Night !

Haminia Haar,
"Regrets In Love, Flowers In Your Heart", Nr.16

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