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miercuri, 13 noiembrie 2013



We are looking for happiness all our Life
Since childhood to old age.
We always try to make friends
To laugh with them
Thinking that it's happiness ..

When we are students at the University
We go to the disco and parties.
We sing, we dance,
We imitate the others like monkeys
Letting our personality in a glass of whiskey..

Step by step, in a short time
The discussions come to physical attraction.
Even if the Latin quotation says
" In Vino Veritas ",
We will never find the Truth in wine..

We discover that happiness is strange.
It doesn't come when we seek it.
It touches our heart when we are busy
With anything else,
Not making any efforts to be happy..

Happiness is Love and Truth
They come from Heavens.
We feel them when we don't expect,
When we deserve the Love
From another pure Soul !

Happiness in Love and Truth
Is born from purity and faith,
It's mystery beyond imagination,
We feel it in our blood
When the Time comes !

Haminia Haar,
"Regrets In Love, Flowers In Your Heart", Nr. 21

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