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marți, 12 noiembrie 2013



Dear Face Book men,

I want to tell you that I wrote many poems with other issue than love. 

I published three books about love because I like this issue. 

Love is from God and it must be spread among His Creation if we 

want to survive on this planet. Otherwise, the men become violent 
- as they already are - and start wars killing millions of human 
beings ! 

I NEVER THINK OF physical love in my poems, because it is not the

Divine and True Love. It is just sex which is equal with a drug like 

What I want from my poetry and I see that the result is very good is 

that the violent men remember the Love and affection to the women, 
children and Humanity and forget about considering the women 
the slaves of their desires. 

A wise Indian University teacher told me that it is an old tradition in 

India and the lack of education from parents teach their 
sons to consider all the women in the world the slaves of men.

He recognized the lack of education in India. India has 2.300.000.000 

population, 30 % from the world population !!! China is the same 
about making children and its population is number one in the world 
before India.

They need very quickly education if the world wants freedom, 
happiness, true love and understanding ! 


AND NOT SENT TO SCHOOL ???  They grow up like animals with the 
primarily instincts. 

What is curious for me is that very educated and intelligent Indian men 

want their wives to be their slaves and to stay at home, just to clean the 
dishes, to cook and make sex for giving birth to 5 to 14 children .

They accept the arranged marriages because their future wives
were educated by their parents to satisfy all the desires of their
husbands and to shut up their mouth with any question in front
of men .

The women in such countries have no property, they are not
allowed to have a job, they must not go outside their husband's
house, they depend totally on their husbands who can beat 
them or kill them.

What are the women in such case ?  Industry of making children 
born from sex, not from mutual True Love !

Don't ask me about my private life, please, my life is not open book

to Internet and don't confuse my poems with my private life.

I am poetess free to write my imagination and nobody has the
right to put me questions about me and my family in reality.

This means that you don't respect me as a woman and you don't
know the good manners in the developed societies .
You also don't know what is poetry or any kind of literature !

If you don't know, take some books to read and shut up until
you will know how to behave with the women all around the
world and what is the meaning of poetry or science fiction
literature !

Read my poems and you will discover my thoughts. If you can.

If you can not, it is not a problem for anybody ! 

God bless you !

(To read and order my books, just click :

Haminia Haar,

"Haminia For Humanity", Nr.2

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