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duminică, 27 octombrie 2013



What truth can be revealed by poets
Without using metaphors ?
Who would agree with the Truth
If it is not hidden ?

Why do the humans like
To hide the reality
And the best poets in the world
Can not be understood ?

Very few can give the answer
To these questions..
Do you know why ?
I wait for your lines..

To describe the wonderful feeling of Love
The good poets use words from Nature..
Who knows it in detail 
As being their own breath ?

The Greeks in Antiquity
Were able to speak in metaphor free
They understood each other so good..
Now it's beyond our imagination..

Who can understand the word "salt"
Used in a poem for loosing virginity ?
Who can recognize "swimming in the water"
The physical love ?

The worst is when writing about politics..
If they discover the covered words
It is possible for poets to know the prison..
Writing the Truth is a great courage ..

So, dear friends,
Take care when you drink unknown wines..
They can give you unbelievable pleasure
Or death !

If  you don't know the Metaphor !

Haminia Haar,
"Moon and Stars in our Hearts", Nr.38

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