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vineri, 18 octombrie 2013



I am born in Romania and I started to write poems at the age 
of 17 when I was in High School. At that time I wrote in the 
Romanian language.

I finished my studies in Romania. Journalism and two Masters.

Last year, I started to write Divine Love poems in English with 
unexpected great success.

My first poet who appreciated my poems and wrote the
Introduction to my first published book, "INSIDE THE LOVE ", 
is the candidate for the Nobel Prize in literature, Munir Mezyed, 
Romanian citizen with Arab origin.

I also translated for Munir Mezyed 300 poems for three books. 
Beautiful Love Poems !

This year,2013,in March, April and July I published all my three 
books with Divine Love Poems on LULU.COM : "Inside The Love",
" The Orchard Of Love " and " My Poems, Prayers For Your 
Happiness", the latest being translated into Romanian and French 

Poetry about Love is my passion, knowing that all the
people in the world need Love, more than anything else, especially
now when there are so many sufferings all around the Planet.

My poems make the readers feel the True Love from God and from 
their beloved entering slowly their souls and hearts...

This is such a good feeling, to be happy !

If you want to have my poems under your pillow in order to have 
wonderful dreams, just click on : and the
books will be sent to your home in three days wherever you live.

I hope to like my poems !

God help us to live in Peace and Love !

Haminia Haar,
15th of October 2013

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