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marți, 6 august 2013



My name and yours
Are heavenly, I think.
Nothing happens by chance,
We all know it..

Why were we given
Names with "H" inside
By parents living
At thousands kilometers distance ?

What made them have such a choice 
From all the names in the world ?
What is the meaning 
Of the "H"?

I noticed more people with "H"
In their names..
The common thing among them
Is high level spirituality..

Beauty and Truth are their qualities,
Creation like writing Poetry,
Or singing beautiful Music
In the Universe Orchestra..

I know the Law of Attraction,
I experienced it.
Is "H" also attracting
Anything from Heavens ?

What is the Mystery ?
"H" is like a magnet attracting 
Many people around..
Why ?

I feel very happy for my name,
Haminia Haar..
I am much attracted by Nature,
By the Moon and the Stars ..

We are in a permanent dialogue
About the Existence and Life,
I discover so many miracles
Which become simple things..

I share my gifts with pleasure
With the others,
When they are curious to ask..
They are free gifts from God !

Maybe this is the reason
For which I was given this name
To share the Unknown
To all the human beings !

The secret of our Life is the Energy
From which we are made..
It is the Light of the Universe
And we are its photons !

If we can understand this power
We have from birth,
We can control all our feelings, health,
Our Mind , Career and Love !

Haminia Haar,
In Love, Flowers In Your Heart ", Nr. 54

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