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duminică, 23 iunie 2013



As a virgin young lady
My dear,
I couldn't tell you
All my thoughts,
But you could see my emotions
And the whispers of my voice..

You asked me all the time
To tell you my feelings for you
As if I were an experimented woman
But you never told me yours..

You know much more about love
As a curious man that you are
I still can not understand
What to do with your whole..

I have never seen you in reality ..
How to know what is your whole ?
You know the essence of my soul,
But Divine Love supposes more..

So learned as you are
I can not imagine how you ask me to know
What you have never told me
With intention, you remember..

Don't make confusion between a flower
Whose nectar was taken by butterflies
And a virgin one, a bud
Never touched by anyone !

I appreciate your brilliant mind and gifts
But I can not say the same thing
About your behavior in society
And in front of me..

My heart is full of love
Waiting for you to be kind and tender 
But you started a dark game
Instead of caressing your beloved young lady...

Haminia Haar,
"My Poems, Prayers for your Happiness", Nr.45

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