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duminică, 5 mai 2013



Oh, my sweet heart,
Smile at me, be you !
Show me your freesia laughter
Which I have ever known from you ..

Show me the happiness of your heart
Hearing her jumping and singing to me
The unique symphony of Divinity
Drowned in my Universe and Love..

Nightingales always sing at night
Blessed as a soul by the Light of Moon
While the purple poetry meets its Muse
And thoughts are embraced by Ode..

Oh, my beloved romantic poet,
You are not the nostalgia spirit of air
You are the pure love to enrich the people
When they loose their hope and faith..

Why to forget our golden nights ?
The embrace of our passionate lips,
Your freesia kiss in the Garden of Love
And my mimosa desire since Eve ..?

Your rose petal smiles give oxygen to my cells
Nobody can take them out of my blood
Our hugs dance with the blinking stars
The symphony of the Moon and Sun !

My sweet Angel, 
As Romeo and Juliet remained
Romeo and Juliet for ever,
Our divine love will always shine
In the Temple of Love
As the whole in One !

Haminia Haar,
" My poems, prayers for your happiness " Nr.7

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