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luni, 6 mai 2013



Oh, love !
You are my sweet happiness in my heart
From the deep Light of the purple rivers
And their sisters and brothers, the seas and the oceans,
You are my pure smile during sad times
And the Paradise in heavens..

Oh, love !
Why do you send your Sun rays to me
To caress my soul and body but the mind not ?
Destiny made me so busy for one week
And you let me loose my senses
And my beloved twin flame, too ..

Oh, love !
Shall I guide you day and night
Not letting you fly up to the sky
To meet God and take the holy nectar from Him
And then come down and share it with me ?
I trust you..

Oh, love !
You know I need you beyond imagination
No You, No breath the gift of Air
I am a photon of Light like you,
The same universal vibrations we are,
Playing the same sounds of  lyre..

Oh, love !
I feel your warmth in my heart and blood
You are in me for eternity
I breath your existence, your BE,
Enjoy your freesia and ambrosia lips 
In the same Godly perfume..

Oh, love !
You come into my sleep, too
Leading in love dance my dreams
And show me the mirror of your icon
In the island of ecstasy,
Melting me in your freesian Beauty ..

Oh, love !
Don't play with me, please
I am innocent like a child
Looking to the Moon and Sun
With my single confidence
To find the path of Truth to God !

Haminia Haar,
" My Poems, Prayers for your Happiness", Nr. 9

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