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marți, 28 mai 2013



My beloved Evening Star !

I miss you so much,
There are not enough words
And dictionaries in the world
To explain it..

There is not so much Breath from God
To live without you.
How could you, my sweet twin flame,
Let my whole be divided ?

How could you think that
My pure heart can beat, work and stop loving you ?
Do you think that you are God 
To divide what He made One ?

The half part of the Whole is in always agony..
My ego, mind, body and soul
Can not work, can not sleep,
Finding it hard to do anything.

I am blinded, I can not see this world
What can it be ?
I think that your magic love
Made me blind since I first saw you..

That's why I couldn't understand
Your heavenly words, whispers and poems..
My soul and mind were drowned into your fire passion
How could they think or see other details ?

I was traveling in Paradise
Dancing with the wonderful little pink flowers
And stars, without body, you remember..
Don't you ?

You sang for me the Freesia song each night
Until I lost my mind in your ecstasy
And you were so happy in mine ,
Oh, God !

You felt the same Ambrosia fragrance
Just by listening to my words from Divinity
But you were so mysterious to me...
Why ?

You enjoyed my Mimosa love so deep,
You shared this with me, but why so late ?
Why did you let me live in innocence ?
Why ?

For sure, you liked my purity ..
It was beyond your imagination,
But not to share with me your feelings ?
Hard to understand..

You are a great Master of Divine Love
You sent it to my soul, heart and body
Without letting me control them..
You are such a sophisticated poet..

Your intention was very good, my sweet
I agreed with it instantly and always..
Do you remember ?
Do you ?

How is possible Divine love exist on Earth
Without respecting some laws in its society ?
It imposes them, you know..
You must know !

So, my sweetheart, come, come, come  !
As Rumi said in his poem to God..
To unite what you divided ..
A Whole can not live full as a half !

Haminia Haar,
"My Poems, Prayers for your Happiness " Nr.20

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