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duminică, 26 mai 2013



Don't weep my dears,
The world we live in
Springs from our hearts
The source is us within ..

We can make our Paradise
If we unfold the unseen
And this is unbelievable simple,
Just watch to God ..!

The perfume of Ambrosia will touch you
And will take all your hungry sins
With the pure doves flying to the sky
Making you a sacred soul ..

Be happy, my Earthians
All the Love is in your hearts,
God gave it to you since birth
To enjoy it and share..

Love yourself as much as you can
And you will see it blooming
In all the colors of the rainbow
In your always dreamed beloved ..

Love is the essence of life,
We live only to give it and to receive
The more we give, the more we receive
Paradise sings for us His eternal symphony ..

It's our choice to look for God
And live in Trinity
You, me and Him
To feel the divine ecstasy ..!

Haminia Haar,
My Poems, Your Prayers for Happiness, Nr.1

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