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joi, 23 mai 2013



When the Nights fall down over our distant lands
And the symphony of stars dance for our joy,
I run into your arms, my sweetest angel, King 
To caress your heart with my Divine love ..

You are the holy Light of my life and world,

Your charming smile hugs the Moonlight, me
Your childish eyes and Freesia lips
Are my destiny..

I feel so much attracted by your bliss

Like a little star blinking to the Moon,
I love your brownish hair long as the poets have,
I come to kiss your satin gentle being..

Hold me tight, never let me go,

Kiss me gently, it's only you who know my wish..
Take my wild nectar and my whole
And fly together to the Unknown..

Our souls are burning in fire with passion

The bodies are melting in the desire of Oceans,
True Love is dancing in our blood and air,
We feel the ecstasy in the heat of Nights !

Haminia Haar,

"My poems, your Prayers for Happiness", Nr.18
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