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joi, 18 aprilie 2013


Dear Haminia !

I know this poem ( True feelings ) and the message 
it contains, for me I am sure I understand these poems 
of yours better than any other...

Thank you for sending it to me...

You are always welcome and my heart receives you 
with the same warmth and love as it did in the past...

I am in contact each passing moment...

As I still write and your imagination inspires me, when
I am writing I am thinking of you, thinking about your 
thoughts that will come across your mind when you 
will read my poem, so it doesn't matter if we talk or not...

I felt I was getting beyond what your love offer me 
and for you are so much busy in your translations, in 
your poems and then business is business as your 
previous message...

I don't want to start a debate...

By the way no beloved and true twin ever ask that 
business is business, preferring business over love...
I am still wondering as I never heard it or read it ...
A girl asking a man, whom she loves beyond anything 
else and writes for him from her soul, that business is 

With words we can make someone speechless, we 
can push him in a tangled net of words or we can make
him feel to not argue in vain etc.but words when empty 
can not win the soul.

I always wanted from my beloved to win my soul not 
to confuse my thoughts or my being....

As per your love is concerned, I feel you have me my 
whole, when you need me with a true beloved heart...

For Romeo is always for Juliet and there is no other 
Juliet and for Juliet there is no second Romeo....

If its not our infatuation then Just believe in God and 
we shall have all the things in the true course of time
the time which gave us such feelings will give us other 
feelings too... !

Thank you Hamina, 
Love and Joys always be yours,

King of Angels

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