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vineri, 26 aprilie 2013



Oh, my romantic poet, my precious pearl !
Your Romanticism brings the Universe 
symphony to me,
Dancing Love from one pole to the other,
Heavenly fragrance of Freesia fills my desires
By knowing your delicate white Ode..

God sent all the angels to bless you,
To make you divine since birth,
The holy Bible also says :
" At the beginning it was the word "
And it was given to you..

To teach the Purity to the Earth,
The souls who have lost their hopes,
Hope in life, in love and trinity,
Give them the Beauty, the Love and
the Essence in life !

Your romantic poems can heal the people,
By only reading about Love and Good understanding,
To guess their need to look up to the sky,
To see how happily the birds can fly,
And to imagine their scope of freedom..

You can taste the green of Nature and Vivaldi,
Can dance the Everest breeze and the warmth of South,
The Queen - Moon you can throne
Over the bright stars on the night sky
And send the Sun Ray to warm me..

The Orchard of Love you bring to all,
And let us smell the perfume of flowers,
To take the sweet nectar of the heavenly colors,
And be embraced by the Ambrosia poetry,
Today, tomorrow and eternally..

My romantic poet, John Keat's twin,
You are the guardian of the Gate of Eden,
When the golden chariot is ready
For the angels to drive in line,
To assist your union with God..

You are my morning wish,
My nights heavenly dream,
The Seen discovering the Unseen
With the Light you have in your eyes,
To unfold the mysteries of the Unknown ..

The Ode of the azure Poetry you are,
The Joy and Happiness in the hearts,
Your fluttering wings of Love,
Cover all the colors of the rainbow,
Oh, love me to the end of life !

Haminia Haar,
The Orchard of Love, Nr.01 ANT.

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