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vineri, 5 aprilie 2013



The red delicate satin
Shining over the pure white sheet,
Was covering her angelic body
Sleeping on the bed of clouds..

She was as beautiful as the Moon
Wearing the wonderful dress of bride,
Spreading the sweet fragrance of freesia
To the angels guarding the Gate of Eden.

Unique bunch of Paradise flowers,
Light purple petals on her chest,
Waiting for the groom to come
To fulfill her divine love in life..

Unexpected spring Sun ray
Touched her face dream in dream,
Opened slowly sleepy eyes and
Shocked her the reality to see. 

No angels singing, no garden of Eden,
No flowers on the bride dress,
Only her poor room
She could see  instead of wedding.

Oh, my Lord, where is my lover ?
Where is my King of Angels ?
I was his Queen for such a long time..
How long was my dream ?

Some months or all my life ?
Since the early virgin age,
I dreamed of Purity to meet,
Where can I find a sacred soul ?

My always dream lost in its dream
Like my poetry in the word of Ode,
It's not possible Divine love in sin,
God gave us only one life in bliss.

Such thoughts crossed the Princess's mind
When her lover left for Far away,
To plan vacations in a good place
With other princess of the poems.

Haminia Haar,
The Orchard of Love, Nr.30

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