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joi, 27 decembrie 2012



Most of birds are free to sing and fly
As the human beings should be the same.
They know how to admire the sky,
While the people forget their heavenly flame.

The birds can not speak but they sing love,
Their songs are touching our hearts by beauty.
Humans forgot their breath like dove,
They also forgot about humanity.

Even in cage a bird starts to sing,
Freedom in their mind exists eternally.
Human beings surround with matter, sins
Don't know that life can be lived beautifully.

While birds sing in cage for liberty
The people fight in wars for killing the life,
For showing their supremacy..
Little brain the birds have but thinking so high !

The dreams of the birds always come true,
Music, dancing and flying in happiness
For they know the unknown and truth,
While we only watch them in their grandness.

Are the birds smarter than human beings ?
Are the human beings able to think in vain ?
Why most of people live in sufferings ?
Nobel Prize winners let us live in pain..

Men of science discover new genes,
What for if they can not improve our life ?
They're much appreciated, no means,
But, are their minds made of destruction ice ?

The birds sing bright love looking above,
We don't think that life will finish without Love..

Haminia Haar,
27th December 2012

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