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miercuri, 19 decembrie 2012



Sometimes I think to be a queen
To make possible all my thoughts come true
Since childhood I dreamt not only one dream,
But millions like stars on sky, like you..

All people wish to do so many things,
But most of then can't because of poorness,
We are pure and gentle human beings,
Who want to live life in bright happiness..

God gave us a very precious gift, Hope !
If we dare dream and act, we can succeed.
The single thing we need is a true scope
And we can become kings and queens indeed.

Why I'd like to be a queen, you ask me..
I want in safeness, happiness to live
Without worries about clothes, food to be
Every day, not only on Christmas Eve..

I am so beautiful, I learned so much,
Why shan't I be like Cleopatra Queen
Who was so much loved and her bright skin touched..
Egypt perfume she spread, a Queen, no mean !

Her wisdom made all kings' mind blow away,
Even Caesar, the emperor of Rome
Started the war, then decided to stay
In Cleopatra's country like at home..

A queen is wonderful and smart, so true !
She shines like Sun rays on the beach and hearts,
But my little light also shines for You,
My crown is from heaven and sings like harps..

I'd like to dance at the Planet's party
In the world's nature Garden, so nice !
With all the oceans waves of each country
And all the souls breathing God's rights..

I'd like to see all the people content
About coming to life on this Earth,
Abundance in their houses as they dreamt
And God gave to each one, at their birth..

I'd like to stop all the wars and tears,
To throw away the violence and cry,
The people not know the meaning of fears,
To feel only the healing of blue sky..

My kingdom is the whole Constellation
And God is my faithful husband and king,
My brothers are beyond meditation,
Like beautiful flowers blooming in spring..

The single wish I add as a true queen,
I want all people live a hopeful life,
No one live in sorrow and any need,
But enjoy a heavenly love and bright !

As about poets, fans or a common one,
Who fell in love since ages with this queen,
I let your feelings fly like the free dove,
Any queen is a simple human being !

Haminia Haar,
19 th December 2012

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Rrodia spunea...

Ah Dear Queen.

You are so beautiful in your thoughts and your compassion. Your poem is so beautiful and reminded me some poems of William Blake who used the same technique for many of his poems. Loved it so much. It's a perfect poem. Thanks.

Much love, joy and peace.

Hanook Gohar

Rrodia spunea...

Ketan Patel:

"An artist was asked at his award function: “Which is your best painting?”

He replied: “My next painting”

Lets your tomorrow be better than today,
Your next year better than the last year Dear Friend Haminia Haar !


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