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vineri, 30 noiembrie 2012



First of all, the founder of Homeopathy, Dr. Samuel

Hahnemann from Germany came to Romania, Sibiu ,
( old Hermanstadt) in the years 1777-1779 at the 
invitation of Baron Samuel Brukenthal, the Governor
of Transilvania and the owner of the largest library in
Europe at that time..

Hahnemann had left the Medicine University from Viena,

Austria being very much disappointed by the teachers
and physicians who were not able to treat the cause
of the diseases and to treat the sick people as a whole,
body and mind..

He wanted to discover a new medicine able to treat

the sick people " rapid, gentle and permanent " as he
wrote later in ORGANON and how the homeopaths
cure the sick people nowadays..

Samuel Hahnemann was only 20 years old when he
came to Romania and he started to study here all the
old sciences about healing the diseases starting with
the ancient Egyptian medicine and ending with the
old Greek natural treatments which didn't need any
chemicals in order to cure a disease and its  cause.

He also studied all the religions in the world and he
noticed that the prayers to God, in direct connection
with Him are also healing the people..

All the details of his life in Romania can be found by
everybody at the Brukenthal Museum from Sibiu,
Romania, including his handwritings in German language..

After being the personal doctor of the Baron Samuel
Brukenthal for two years when his mind was opened
to the next discovery he will bring to the world, the
new method of treating the people by HOMEOPATHY,
the young Hahnemann left Romania and went to
Germany where he started to study medicine again
in order to have a doctor licence and to be allowed
to practice the new method he discovered : the 
Homeopathy in the German hospitals.

So, Hahnemann became the founder of Homeopathy
in the world and wrote ORGANON, MATERIA MEDICA
and the first Repertory with remedies which he didn't
publish during his life, but his followers improved it
with their experience and published it later.

These books are the basis of Homeopathy in the
world and they are taught in all the Homeopathic
schools.., many others being published later..

Dr. Johann Martin Honigberger was born in Romania,
Brasov city in 1875  and studied medicine following 
Dr. Hahnemann's homeopathy and later he went to
India where he remained 35 years and taught the 
Indians the Homeopathy..

The Indians became among the best in the world in 
the next years till present, the famous Indian 
homeopaths, Dr. Farokh Master and Sankaran being 
the best followers of Dr.Samuel  Hahnemann.

Now, the Indian homeopaths come back to Romania 
to share their knowledge in Homeopathy....

Prof. George Vithoulkas, the winner of the ALTERNATIVE

NOBEL PRIZE FOR HOMEOPATHY also came to Romania last 
month ( October 2012) and started a course of Classical 
Homeopathy for Romanians..

It is like a circle around Romania in which the best

homeopaths in the world come and go, come and go...

Dr. Farokh Master, one of the best homeopaths in India 

now, will also come to Romania on the 6th of February 
2013 in Timisoara, after a common meeting with the 
best homeopath in the world, Prof. George Vithoulkas 
and the famous Dr.Sankaran in India, before Christmas.

Many other international good homeopaths came to
Romania for seminars, being invited by the Romanian
Association for Homeopathy or by other authorities
in medicine..

Nothing happens by chance, everything has a reason...

We will find the reason of the circle, soon ..

It is quite amazing how the best homeopaths in the

world come and go from Romania all time !!!

Prof. George Vithoulkas said that he didn't leave the

Greek island where he is the Head teacher and the 
Manager of the International Academy of Classical 
Homeopathy, in the last ten years, but when he was
invited to come to Romania, he felt that he must come...

Amazing words of George Vithoulkas about his feelings

for Romania !!!

It is a very good news to know that dr. Roberto Petrucci 

from Italy and Roger van Zandvoort from Holland will 
meet together in Romania in March 2013 to work with 
the Romanian homeopaths and to share their own 

If so many and very good homeopaths from all over 

the world come to Romania and share their knowledge 
with the Romanian homeopaths, why the videos with 
their precious speeches are not shared with all those 
who want to know about the best practical homeopathy
in the world ?

Why the Romanian people are not allowed to see what 

happens in Romania, not only the titles of the seminars ?

I asked the Romanian Association for Homeopathy, more 

times to send me and I will pay, of course, the videos with 
all the foreign homeopaths' seminars, but they said that it 
is not possible, that they don't have any videos because
they didn't registered anything..

I am fan of true Homeopathy and I can have information
only from the foreign homeopathic sites with videos with
the speech of each good homeopath in the world, or from
my direct relationship with the good homeopaths from 
India and not only India ..

Is it so hard to do a video for the Romanian  people 
should know what happens in Romania concerning 
Homeopathy and the activity of the homeopathic 
physicians ?

Why nobody asks and convinces the Ministry of Health 

and the Ministry of Education to open a Homeopathic 
Faculty in Romania ?

Who wants to limit Homeopathy in Romania ?

The Romanian population don't know what is Homeopathy 

and how it works in Romania ... why ? 

The Christian Orthodox Church published articles against

Homeopathy and gave advice to the Romanian people 
not to believe in homeopathy because it is only cheating 
the stupid people, saying that it is PLACEBO ..

Why nobody from the Romanian Homeopathy Association

didn't give any reply to these articles written by the 
Orthodox Church against homeopathy in Romania ?

The Romanian people are not allowed to know anything

about the famous homeopaths from all over the world
who come and keep seminars in Romania ..

Whose is the interest to hide the truth ?  The homeopaths

have the answer but they don't want to say it, why ?

Romanian Homeopathy is not a true homeopathy if it is

not studied at the Faculty of Homeopathy which doesn't
exist in Romania..

Whose interest is not to be studied Homeopathy in Romania

like in all the others European countries, India or America ?

Why no interest to open a Homeopathic Faculty here and

the students to study it six years like in India and other 
two years practice in hospitals , when the best homeopathic
physicians in the world come to Romania to keep seminars
and share their knowledge with Romanians very often?

Prof. George Vithoulkas, who won the similar NOBEL PRIZE

IN HOMEOPATHY named Lifelihood Award, started his
exceptional good courses of Classical Homeopathy in Cluj-
Napoca, Romania on the 14th October 2012 with his 
teachers, in the name of his International Academy for 
Classical  Homeopathy from Greece because we don't have
any School of homeopathy, except a One year and a half 
weekend course for graduated Medicine Faculty physicians
without any practice in homeopathic hospitals or cliniques
because we don't have such hospitals..

Why Number One in the world of Homeopathy, Prof.

George Vithoulkas and the best Indian homeopath, dr.
Farokh Master are invited in Romania by classical 
physicians and not by homeopaths ?

The Medicine University from Timisoara, Romania, gave

to George Vithoulks the title DOCTOR HONORIS CAUSA
in October this year and Prof. Dr. Dafin Muresanu from 
the Medicine and Pharmacy University from Cluj-Napoca 
also invited him with great honor to CLUJ-NAPOCA CITY 
to open his best courses in homeopathy here and George 
Vithoulkas accepted after he had never left his Greek 
island in the last ten years, as he said at the conference 
were I participated.

George Vithoulkas also accepted an amazing good 

collaboration to work together with the Romanian 
neurologist, dr. Dafin Mursanu in the field of neurology
to use homeopathy and vital force from the homeopathic 
medicines to save the brain not to be operated and to
remove the dead cells of the brain by replacing them 
with vital cells from homeopathic medicines..

They also mentioned the idea that the winner of the
NOBEL PRIZE IN MEDICINE discovered the same thing
but with the help of stem cells..

Homeopathy doesn't need any stem cells because
they use the vital force directly from Mother Nature,
from the homeopathic medicines.

What is hard is just to know what remedy to give,
to the sick people and how much, but this is written
by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in Organon and Materia 
Medica and this is the Beauty of every science, to learn !

The best homeopaths in the world studied Homeopathy
6 years in the Faculty of Homeopathy and many many
years practicing in hospital close to the sick people in
order to know all the possible symptoms for every
disease..and then to give them the best remedy for
' a gentle, rapid and permanent " recovery, as Dr. 
Samuel Hahnemann said.

When such high level experts in Homeopathy like Prof. 
George Vithoulkas and Dr. Farokh Master come to 
Romania being invited by the Medicine University from
Timisoara and Cluj-Napoca, by the deans, why the
homeopaths from Bucharest don't come to meet them 
and to make a collaboration about opening the first 
Romanian Faculty of Homeopathy in Romania ?

Whose interest is that Homeopathy must not be 
in faculty in Romania ?

In this case, they block the future of many young people 
who want to study Homeopathy seriously, at the Homeo-
pathy Faculty like in all the countries of Europe, India ,
America and other continents.

Haminia Haar,

30th November 2012

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