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vineri, 28 aprilie 2017


There is such a thing as greed and then there is such a thing as survival. I was forced by health issues to retire a year earlier than planned.
I am NOT interested in charity; you will get a finished product that will far exceed the price you pay. I have been paid up to $150.00 a minute for just my voice for trailers, musical pieces, etc. I am on the roster of Shade Law's Devotion records. I have performed many pieces for charity and worked with writers Demelia Denton, James van Loon, Carlos Miguel Pachecho, Glenn Bowie and musicians like Marco Turrini from Milan Italy, Milco Huisman, Earth Connector to name just a few.
Anyone interested in having my voice narrate their poetry for a fee, contact me at email: for details.
Most poetry will be $40.00 USD including music and a picture and a spot on You Tube and Facebook.
Samples of my work can be heard at: and on my timeline page. There are 855 samples there so you can hear what I do.
[NOTE: the later ones are better than the early ones.]
Hope to hear from you. - Hank Beukema

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