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miercuri, 13 iulie 2016



It's good to know that All is Divine Creation,
that we belong to Divine Power,
and through us He makes His work.
So, we open more beautiful our Soul,
For Divine Power come to give us Life,
to make us good and our close friends, too.

It's good to let our anxiety in God's hands
because worries poison our soul and body.
When our beautiful soul is connected with God
we overpass easier everything.
More things are solved by our God,
we exhaust less.

It's good to know that, as we take care of
all parts of our body with Love,
God takes care, with Light and Love,
of all his Creation, of each of us.

And then we realize how much
God loves us all, continuously, as God
father's gift, who gives Life to each
human being,

Like a Light rain with Divine Love
over our heads which spreads to all parts of body
He cures , regenerates and makes good,
He helps us raise up to faith, gives us power,
then He makes his work with our friends,
relatives, all his Creation.

Praying, we flourish the Harmony of our soul
with God, our life becomes more beautiful,
full of Joy and Universal Harmony.
Even if we still have some problems,
We understand them as an impulse
to let our soul in God's hand,
to let him help us, work for us
and see how the Divine Power comes into us
to overpass our worries the best way.

It's good that we can fulfill our soul with Joy,
our heart and other people's hearts.
The others' goods go to all of us,
to the Whole, to each man or woman, too.

Our descendants are also God's gift.
We must love all of them and take care of their souls,
their divine aspect, and only then, take care of
human part.

It's good to make all with Joy, with more content
and we will see the effect better, more beautiful,
our soul will feel God's light stable.

It's good to see good's image which we wish,
that God solves all our problems.
We understand his work as lessons to learn.
Sufferings that we must know are for opening
our soul to God , leaving worries to his mind,
being glad for his divine blessing, getting all from
him, with gratitude and devoutness, with open
heart, soul and Joy.

Living in Present more and more, we have
better feelings and feel more alive ,
with good connection with divine Power, God.

The normal feeling is that of Joy, but until
we know this continuously Joy
We must wonder and enjoy like children ,
we must enjoy the flowers, trees , birds, all.

Joy gives us more power and to the others, too.
It gives us our Sense of Life.
Let's enjoy and be sure that we are God's children.
Let's live in this Joy of being children,
God's children.
Amen .

By Haminia Haar - 

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