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joi, 5 martie 2015


A gift from me to my Indian friends who celebrate The Colors Day !

NAARGHITA, a very talented Romanian girl, who was recognized by
three continents as the greatest singer of the Indian song. She was
invited to India by Indira Gandhi seven times after the Prime Minister
of India had visited Romania, Bucharest and met NARGHITA . She
learned by herself how to sing and dance the Indian songs from the
famous movie THE VAGABOND. She also learned hindu language
by herself and later with a teacher. Indira Gandhi became her second
mother. Nehru was like her father,she declared. Narghita met Raj 
Kapur with whom she played in many Indian movies. There was a 
great love between them. In 1977 the communist president didn't
allow her to visit India anymore. She had very successfully concerts
all over the world and spread the Indian songs from her deep love
for India and Indians. She became very rich ...You can find on 
YouTube many other information about her and her destiny in life.
It seems that some very talented and special Indians and Romanians
are attracted by each other very much...Salman Khan also fell in
love with a beautiful blond Romanian girl, Iulia Vantur . She played
in more movies together with Salman Khan. They are still in very 
good relationship. The Romanian great philosopher, Mircea Eliade
studied in India the history of religions and was the first teacher
who taught The History of Religions in USA and in the world.
So, maybe there is a special connection between me and you !

Haminia Haar,
March, 2015

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