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luni, 20 octombrie 2014



I think the same with Michelangelo. He could not create such
beauty in details like God created the human beings...
Nobody can create anything with his hands.

It is only DIVINE MIND who can create New Beauty. 

It happened to me the same. Two years ago, in 2012 early 
spring, I didn't have any thought about writing poems. I just 
liked them.

One day I started to write poems , they being like dictated to
my hand. I was amazed to see that I was writing poems which 
were appreciated by people. They encouraged me to go on
writing and so the Divine inspiration came to me every day.

I still can not imagine that I wrote more than 400 true poems 
published in  five books in a single year and I translated other 
400 poems from English to Romanian for a Noble Prize
candidate in Literature, Munir Mezyed. 

How was it possible to be a poetess in such a short time ? 
One year...Only God dictates to me and I am so happy ! 

Haminia Haar,
"Haminia for Humanity", Nr.45

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