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luni, 11 august 2014



What a beautiful story about the fields of poppies, my dear 
little flowers since my childhood ..! 

When I spent my holidays at my grandmother in the village,
I liked to go to the fields of poppies and to run among the
flowers, to smell them and to sit down on them surrounding 
me with joy and ecstatic perfume. 

I was looking to the sky and I felt that I belonged to that 
unique beauty, thinking not to go home any more until my 
stomach was crying hungry. 

Before going home, I liked to take some big red poppies for 
my room to put them in a vase close to my bed. 

I still have in my memory this wonderful red landscape 
with poppies...

Some years ago I was a touristic guide in a trip with about 
40 tourists. The coach was running with big speed along
the fields of Romania, so beautiful green for our eyes..! 

Suddenly, the color of the field turned into red and we were 
amazed by the beauty we could see through the windows.. 

Everybody was exclaiming : " Wow, what a beauty !  Miss 
guide, will you ask the driver to stop the couch here for 
some minutes ? We would like to touch the poppies, to smell 
their fragrance and to dance with them .." . 

I asked the driver to stop and he stopped. We got down of 
the coach and started to run singing beautiful songs from 
our hearts, songs of love for nature, for poppies and for our 

We lied down on the flowers , we had a little rest in that 
wonderful perfumed landscape admiring the blue sky and 
white clouds...

We felt so free, so good, we forgot about the trip, we would
have liked to sleep there for eternity...

But the driver pressed the alarm and invited us to the coach...
Some minutes later our coach was full of red poppies ...
All the people had a small bouquet of poppies in their 
hands. .."

 Haminia Haar,
"Short Stories From My Life", Nr.1

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