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marți, 29 iulie 2014



Hidden th0ughts ,no 0ne knows what is in my mind , 
i dnt knw what is in others mind till we dnt express our acti0ns 
or our feelings. 

Hidden pure th0ughts are secrets 0nly wh0 can feel and rec0gnise 
who are inv0lve in imm0rtal of l0ve. Iam in ur th0ughts in ur dreams 
when sun set u think of me till the sun rise ,c0me i will take u in my 
arms f0rever i wil pr0tect u fr0m the evil men and i wil pr0tect u fr0m 
the harms thngs, 

lets spend our time 0n the sea side at night i will sleep on ur lap i will 
c0ver ur body to my s0ul f0r the f0rever oh my sweet ., in ur heart i beat 
every sec0nd ,and u run in my breath sun and m0on they are in 0ne 
m0untains peak its majesty of l0ve lets go to the peak of l0ve and fly 
arms to arms hugs to hugs , ur my ecstasy life , i see the bright in 
every c0rner i feel ur existence and i t0uch u with my eyes and s0ul .
.to feel eternity embrace our destiny ur my m0rning star l0ve is a 
m0rning star ur my bright star of l0ve oh my sweet. Very beautiful 
dear ur p0etry w0rds thanku g0od m0rng my dear 

have a nice day blessings 


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