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miercuri, 7 mai 2014


Woman in Munir Mezyed’s Poetry 

The universal poet, Munir Mezyed is the gate of spirit and the key of humanity. In all his work, he is searching for the human being and his reality. He appears to us through the window of his soul that is saturated with humanitarian awareness. His poetic works carry the troubles of the human being and his big issues. Generally, this is the ultimate goal of literature which is an expression of the human but at the same time an expression of life, its impact and any thing related to it whether it is visible or mystic in order to reach the true entity of human that is filled with many sources of beauty. 

The poet sets out from his pure conscious, the dreamy one which reflects our souls. He returns back, loaded with all what his dreamy conscious has: love, sadness, worries, knowledge, and sources of beauty and then he lets it enter to his inner self, clothing it with the dress of soul and his poetic visions. He librates and lets it swim in the space of our world where it lands on us with a new meaning in which we recognize the source of beauty in the things. For example, when he speaks in his poems about the woman, he reflects to us new and unique conscious, away from the common bilateral between male and female although she was killed in the search of the first moment of life of Adam (Peace be upon him) until our present time.

 But the poet, Munir Mezyed destroys the absolute sovereignty which is claimed by the man who sees the woman in a formality look to force her to revolve in his orbit. But our universal poet, Munir Mezyed, looked at the woman through her real strength and her content in our life. At the same time, he praised her quality in the self where the real rhyme of life resides. Thus the poet realized that the woman’s body carries existential and unique rhyme which proves its power and effect in life. 

He realized also that the woman carries within herself beauty, awareness, generosity, tenderness and sanctity in all her stages in which she adorned the universe by these traits. Thus woman means to our creative poet that she is the real power that makes life continues, emphasizing that she is the foundation of everything..

Tarek Metawea

Egyptian writer 

Edited by Haminia Haar

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