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marți, 6 mai 2014


Dear friends!

Now I am very very busy with my professional work. I have already written 50 poems for my second poetry book, 'Love, Another Name of Divinity' which will be published by the month of July, 2014.

Since the first week of this month I have been writing a romantic novel and few short stories which shall be published by January, 2015.

I am very sorry as I can't spend much time with you for I am very very busy in my school work. Besides in India the Election for the selection of the Prime Minister is going on. I too am engaged in the work related to the Election.

Poetry is my passion. Poetrty is my love. I wrote 17 poems in March but I have written just few poems in this month. I am hopeful that my writing will continue as river flows and the moon shines.

Blessings of love, peace and happiness to all of you.

Dipankar S.

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dipankar sadhukhan spunea...

Dear poetry lovers:

My two international poetry books have been published in this year (2014).

To get my poetry books, "Your Love, My Inspiration" & "Love, Another Name of Divinity", please follow:

With my love and regards.

Dipankar Sadhukhan ( Author)
Kolkata, India.

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