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luni, 24 martie 2014



Last year from 18th May
Summer vacation started.
By chance that night
I was introduced with a girl
Who was known as a poetess of Love.

She asked me - do you write poetry?
I said - I love to read poetry so much
And sometimes enjoy writing verses
But I am not a professional poet.
Poetry is my Love and passion.

I planned - during the vacation
I will be prepared for the NET
But I started reading poetry
Of some world famous modern poets
Instead of preparing my lessons.

I was fascinated so much
By a poem of the poetess of Love
And I wrote few words on it.
Then I saw - my writing
Has been published by her.

She humbly requested me
To write a poem after her.
Then I wrote a poem named 'Sweet Honey'
Which was published by her
As she opined - it was a lovely poem.

Within few days some poets
Made friendship with me
But she could not tolerate it.
Out of jealousy and anger
She called me a thief.

She said angrily -
Why have you stolen my friends?
I said - friends and friendship
Can not be stolen
As it is gifted only by the Almighty.

She continued insulting me in many ways.
Then I understood -
She writes the poems of Love
But no love is in her heart.
Only drops of poison are there.

She started her work like a venomous snake
And tried to instill her venom
Through the fresh surface of my flesh
But my heart longed for being a poet.
I started writing Love poems.

One by one I was introduced
With some world famous modern poets.
They read my poems and encouraged me
But the poetess of Divine Love
Was busy in discouraging me with her words.

She said - an English Teacher
Is nothing but being a good English poet
But I know myself very well.
My best comes out of adversity.
I wrote sixty poems within four months.

Many poets and poetry lovers
Appreciated my work.
Some of them helped me in publishing my book.
My first poetry book, 'Your Love, My Inspiration'
Was published in January, 2014.

That's how I became a poet.
Now composing poetry is my hobby.
Poetry is my Love and passion.
Poetry is my addiction.
Poetry is my soul.

One day I asked myself a question -
Who made me a poet?
My inner-self answered my question.
Not the poetess of Divine Love but your ambition,
Determination and dedication made you a poet.

By Dipankar Sadhukhan
Kolkata, India.
'Love, Another Name Of Divinity',No.47
Dear poetry lovers!

To get my book, 'Your Love, My Inspiration' please follow

With my love and regards.

Dipankar Sadhukhan


Dipankar Sadhukhan :

I don't want to mention her name . 

I have no enemy. 
I have no intention to harm anybody even if he/she hurts me.
Everybody knows about whom I have written.
She is a famous international poetess of Love. 

She writes poetry on Divine Love.
May be your guesses are right.

My principles-
Be honest. Never compromise with the unjust.
Live with the truth. Live for the truth.
Forgive enemies but never forget their names. 

Dipankar Sadhukhan

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