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marți, 4 februarie 2014



I wanted to change the world
I first took history
Bloody conquistadors
In the cloths of saints
Boasting bringing lights
By deleting names
Putting their owns

I then took geography
Lands taken by force
Sailing with slavery
Towards new lands
Obliterating their cultures
Working under the whips
Day and night

Then I took religions
Screaming for goodness
Taking advantage of the politics
Making wars
Of thoughts
Of heavens and hells

At last I took science
Great advance
In poison and destruction

At one moment
I met an angel
Alone and shining
In a corner
What are you waiting
Here for
Nothing she whispered
Keep calm
Take my arm
If you seek love
Love is peace
In peace there's no history
No geography
No science
But practice .

Aws Worùdlove , 2013 

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