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sâmbătă, 8 februarie 2014


Formless ..Shapeless..Love...

It is true
I don't know you
Never I met before
But do you believe
Love needs any of all.

In the world of 
Formless souls
We believe in shapeless love
Why you are trying to
Bind it in these physical terms.

Is it not enough
I feel your spirit
I walk with you
In the infinity.

I never read
Any epic of this world
I listen only to my heart.

I kept aside
All the wisdom and belief
I want to be a fool
I wanted be empty.

Love will fill me up
Like that infant
Who really feel the
Divine love at this land.

I made myself painless
Nothing to worry anymore.

Feeling this divine love
I am getting the all.

I feel the joy every time
Like walking with divine
World smile around me
I listen the nature's giggling.

Oh beloved
Trust me
Once made empty
To fill with my love
You will feel
The joy of divine love...

Kaushal Gupta

6 February 2014.

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