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miercuri, 8 ianuarie 2014



Imagine a time...
when everything was absolutely right.

When you looked forward to 
waking up the next day. 

When you actually slept through the night.
When you finally felt peace.
That everything is going to be alright.

When all of a sudden your
dreams, your hopes and strength
are gone forever.

All you want to do is scream
"Please God, tell me it's a dream!"

When you wake in the morning
to realize its reality.

You try to fight the finality.
You need just a little bit of normality.

You try not to think of "Why"
all you do is cry.

You try to be angry with God,
but end up angry at yourself.

"Why didn't I just stay home that day?"
"Why can't anything ever go my way?"

You crawl out of bed.
Decide to give life another whirl.

You reach out.
Some reach back.
Some don't even call back.

Just when you thought you had no more to lose.
You do.

These people you thought to be friends just wanted you to use.

So you lay back down just wanting to snooze, thinking why me?
Is it how I choose?

You begin to give up.
You don't see a reason any longer
to even wake up.

Then all of a sudden you hear
the sound of the phone ring or
a knock on the door.

Someone there to tell you not to give up,
you're worth so much more.

You begin to cry while this other person
is wondering why.

You try to say
"Thank you for being my friend today,
if it weren't for you I would’ve given up
and died."

You now know the answer of "Why".

It’s to remind you
to never give up
and to always try.

Now when I cry I know and don’t ask why.

I get out of bed and again I try.

Mina Kiran,

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