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sâmbătă, 28 septembrie 2013


The proving of mobile phone as homeopathic remedy was carried out at the Aarish Acdemy of Alternative Therapy and Research, Mumbai. The cardinal symptom of this remedy was sudden onset of severe headache of constrictive type. Hopefully, in future this will be a remedy for treating brain tumours, particularly of granulomatous origin as are seen in TB or TB like conditions, also a cancerous mass.

The method applied for collection of the remedy was : a mobile phone wrapped in a plastic wrapper was dipped in water in a bowl, then students of the academy were asked to dial that number one after another. This procedure was carried out until the bowl's water started boiling. Then that water was collected in a bottle and then potentised into different dilutions. I would like to share this with the fraternity of homeopathy the proving of this conducted on 20 students of the academy and also clinically on some patients.

The ultimate question is why I thought of conducting such kind of experiment, because I myself felt in many occasions particularly when receiving distant calls a kind of uneasiness inside the ear with a constrictive feeling. When I see people particularly young boys and girls chatting on phones for hours I myself feel uncomfortable. I don't know whether this was the reason or one more....

In one occasion I kept an egg on the table, around that egg placed 5 mobiles and then I started dialing those mobiles. What I saw the egg turned into half boiled. So I thought if the tissues of an egg are turning damaged why not the brain cells, as which are seeing in variety of metastatic lesions (when a disease is shifting from one place to another) which is being occurred in Cancers, TB and AIDS.

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