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duminică, 14 iulie 2013


Heavenly Father, 

We thank You for this new day in Christ Jesus.
We thank You for your love and the blessings 

You have for us today.

We come to You with a humble heart, forgive us 

for all the sins, we've done against You, in words, 
deeds and action, and thank You through the blood 
of Jesus who cleanses us from all our unrighteousness,
we're forgiven.

Thank You Father, that you have already gone ahead 

of us this morning and prepared this day for us, with 
Your divine guidance and protection. 

As we rejoice in the gift of this new day ,may Your Holy
Spirit continue to lead us and guide us the way You want 
us to be.

We thank You Lord Jesus for the new blessings, may the 

light of Your Holy presence O God, set our hearts on fire
with love for You ,now and forever.

We commit our lives to You and help us to walk in Your 

ways and your plans always and bless us O Lord in every 
areas of our lives, our families, friends and brethren in 
Christ and grant our prayers according to Your will, 
covered us with your most precious blood Lord Jesus 
and as we in trust everything unto You, let your name 
alone be exalted and be glorified in our lives. 

To You all the glory, honor, adoration, praise and 

We bless You and we magnify Your Holy name..... 

In Jesus Mighty name, 


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