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miercuri, 8 mai 2013


How tenderly smitten with my desire,
The tint of a thousand petals,
Your lips, the lush berries,
Soused into wines taste perfectly Divine.

The round red olives richly luscious,
And into my squeezing lips,
Embrocate the passions uprising 
In the fiery longings of my heart.

A key for my lips to unlock 
The realms of your being;

And on the wings of delight,
A threshold to pass into unknown.

A river of ecstasy
For my silken nights to dive in;
An ebullient isle of radiance 
For my violet days to rise in.

And behind the blue sensation,
That arise in the gentle touch,
I taste the perpetual desire 
For living captivated in charm of your lips.

Hanook Gohar,

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