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luni, 20 mai 2013


"One In Me".

I have enthroned you inside the Temple walls,
Where no mortal eyes trespass
And the thirsty gaze temple not this sanctity.

Your Joy, all my desires seek,
Ere it Stir the reverent cords of my heart.
Your delight, the wings of my passion,
Ere it surge in the infinite sky.

The fresh symphony of my breath,
Psalm treacle on the happy harp,
And my eyes, the perpetual falls of reverence,
Flowing evenly at your feet,
Into the serene realms of my being .

This perpetual longing navigates 
The sails, amid the blue lights
Lightening up my ways.

My ways to the far off lands
Undiscovered and seen never before
To bring you the purple fruit
That sprout, only in the season of Love,
On the little buds of Spring.

Hanook Gohar.

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