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vineri, 3 mai 2013



Sadness has prevailed its wings,
And the astraddle gloom rambles,
Why upon the shiny chasm of your soul?
Where once countless dreams strolled,
And thousand thoughtless passions,
Basked in your warm rays.

Oh, Nostalgic Spirit of Air!

"Revert me back that Fragrance"

The fragrance that filled my youth;
The redolent reminiscence of golden nights,
The smiles, like rose petals in the cold drifts of fall,
Bloomed and scattered on the silken bed of memory,
The hugs, captured now in the withered walls:
And in the dark, those jiggling joys.

That Amorous twilight trance,
To hold ,the reckless passions tight
In the embrace of our lips,
Wet in the spring-tide of twined desire:

Now silent and still like a wave-less ocean
Longing one last storm, one last sail in its realm.

Hanook Gohar.

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