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duminică, 5 mai 2013


Dear Angel !
I am glad and happy indeed to read your message, I am happy for all the things that we shared together indeed those moments are the prettiest moments that we shared together.
It is not difficult for me to remember, how your words aroused my feelings, love and beyond love, the most intimate, giving the ever empty spaces to you in my heart and giving you my whole and to ask you to fill your colors in me. But I don’t understand why you could not fill that space which I gave to you and LOVE ONLY DIVINE LOVE allowed me to give you all what is mine.
You made me suffer a lot....Ah one thing important of all...

Dear Angel, I know what I am and I am fully conscious of what I do, though some actions are not planned and they just become a part of my flow but most of my actions are conscious and they are as natural as an innocent and happy heart can conceive.
How happy I was when you told me that I was the inspiration to you to write.I am happy for my being proved good to you and you wrote a book. My soul inspired and supported you creative faculties so much that you was able to write books as you told me that it was me that made you a poet and same is truth from to you that you made me a poet otherwise.

I was just wandering in the forest of my own thoughts until one day you passed and you sweep away  and help my inspired me to gather those thoughts at a single point and made me write.

I never inspected your poems, never tried to analyse your words because I believed in whatever you said...I knew, for my heart is convinced, that  DIVINE LOVE cannot be Analysed and JUDGED by our human thoughts.
I am sorry if you could not realized my love for you which is always so pure and sanctified indeed. I never saw you with dirty intentions in my mind as you know most of the men have in their minds. I took you and received you as my real counterpart in this world. The true flame.
I can call from my cell abroad everywhere in the world and as can I call to you also but you never sent me a single beep saying that your service provider don’t allow you call in my country.  Is it possible?
Dear Angel, I am never Jealous on you or anyone else and God is my witness in this statement.  I have no concern with John or anyone else. I am serene soul. My hear  is beautiful and it is only beauty that I can give in anyway.
You told me that you have collected my poems on your blog... I was happy, I thought I am the single one to have that grace to be seen on your blog...  I had the feelings of being special to your soul until some days around two weeks ago I saw that I am not the single one to have that grace from you ... There are others as well... Please don’t argue over it or try to explain me for my feeling and this feeling, your words can not sweep away...

You are free to put whatever suits you or you have the inspiration to put on your blog. My feeling was wrong so you need not to explain any word to me dear Liz.
I miss you too even we don’t talk or chat . It is true.

I told you earlier, when I write anything even till today, you are in my thoughts and you are in mind, and I know from my soul that this feeling is a part of me, MY ME, since from the very first I started writing you have been a part of it and you are and I strongly feel that you will be in the future, may be till the end...

I think of you of when ever I am writing , thinking of your thoughts when you are reading my poem... Always want to give you joy the feelings that you told me in the earlier days when you told me that my poems are liked by you very much. 

Now you comment on my poems but not with the same fervent of feelings and Joy. As I can see on my poems that now your comment are some type of criticism or something else.Whereas my comments on your poems are always appreciating in real sense and anyone could recognize my comment as a true appreciation..

I want you always read my poems and comment , your comment is always joy to my soul .
Thanks for you concerns and your care that you take. I wanted so many a things from you...
All what you want from is yours and you have it . You are so true when you say “ we need to win our souls” I think I won my soul from the very first day...

My behavior with you and my attitude even toward your harsh conversation sometimes, was always polite and gentle and that is natural in me, it was not like to impress you or to show you that I am a gentle soul...I mean just to win your heart or your love.I was what I AM.
You gave me the courage to propose you for marriage even though I can not propose any woman so easily, I don’t know or just know from a distance, the very same questions I had in my mind and may be even more...

But I believed in my love, Divine love, I would call it Divine because it is not inspired by my lust of physical desire, It is always beyond that and you know it and never say that your pictures have to do anything with it...
You are very beautiful ! I proposed you because I felt that you are serious but I noticed that after I proposed you, your behavior was strange with me. You was more worried about other things that are not thought by a beloved, a girl who is passionate about her beloved..
Dear Angel, these things gave me so many feelings and indeed I have learnt from you analyzing the relations and if you feel that all your feelings for me good or bad are true then my feelings should also have the same truth. 
I loved you really so much... You are the only one and one I thought so deeply,  and I never have any other intention than to have you mine as I know and feel that after meeting you I was ever more and more creative with each passing day and it was so unique to my soul and heart ... 

It always wondered me and I know that its only from a single person in the world... normally in human lives it is very rare that when two souls unite , they are supporting each other’s creative faculties, other wise a soul works independently, it was enough for me to believe on you and your soul’s influence on me, so true .

I loved you Divine beyond the element of sex or lust.  

I have written much dear Angel, I think I am clear with my thoughts and you have read them...
Much love and joys,

King of Angels

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