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marți, 21 mai 2013



The winds blow from the mills of time,
And throb the tomb of forlorn memories,
Whispering moments lie enshrouded;
In the grave of unkept vows.

Some unheard stories there loom
And rumble some unseen dreams.

On the night walls, iridescent shadows still glow 
And the tincture of this broken fate,
Still shimmers in the sky roof.

The opulent grass, where upon,
My world trailed phantasmal dreams;
Now parched and scorched
Under the mercies of sun.

In the times of fervent passions:

Stars glee in the Blue reveries,
And Night Bride in the nocturnal dreams,
The amorous fancies 
Blindly chase the myriad of desire;

The errant waves of passion,
In the fumbling oceans rise and fall;
And the sensational raft of youth, beguiled and charmed,
From the misty shores, step into infantile waters.

Hanook Gohar.

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