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marți, 28 mai 2013

" And Then Ineffability Speaks Out "


In the noise of tempest winds of passion
A song of the craving melody is heard.

A voice drenched in mysterious silence
Clings to my soul, and the awed senses
Hold my hands to drive this carriage
On the ways of enthralling beauty.

Through the portal of dazzling lights
I enter into the sacred chambers of reverence,
And burn the myrtle essences of my true revere,

Love arises, in the seen of unseen,
And manifests the life,
That dwells the secret womb of Oblivion.

And here the gentle lips of Ecstasy
Tenderly touches the fragrant skin of ineffability!

Hanook Gohar.

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Rrodia spunea...

And here the gentle lips of ecstasy
Tenderly touches the skin of ineffability !

My dear brother and poet of sophistication Gohar Hanook your strokes of words are gentle yet the compassion reaches to its boiling point
The way you exchange the melodious tune in your notes bring the harmony and peace to the yearning soul !
So divine and energatic with the purity of love !
Haraeen Hussain

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