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miercuri, 22 mai 2013


A heart full of lyrics ~

you, you who has found my song
unaware that you brought it to life
you, who walked such the while
a time of heartfelt changes, times long since passed
quietly you sing, softly you let them go
unaware that each time you do, each time you let them be
lyrics of a song finds its way to me

I find my heart full of so much I had not recognised before
my being coursing with so much, so many emotions
I am forever changing, I shall forever be changed
not wanting less, always wanting so much more

drawn to listen out to your lyrics, a song of such the soulful melody

how I cry when you sing of all that you see
you, unaware of your power within my life
each time I listen to you,
I willingly accept every surging passion
beautiful and harsh, depending on whether you,
and only you
can push at me or pull at what is deep within me

closing wounds from a time passed healing
creating a place to which wounds have the will to appear
banishing hurts and with the ability to compound my fears

time, and distance are without reason
when your lyrics haunt me, and I become your song
no consequence of action could right it
and no consequence could create for it to be wrong
with my heart so full of lyrics
it longs for the truth of the feeling

©2010 Ludmila Vladimirovna Antonoff

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