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marți, 30 aprilie 2013


" Rebirth "

On my teak, I 'm a new born,
Drifting down my way,
Upon the endless ocean,
Where chance rises like my year,
And change persist like your Breath;
The vivid writings foretell my state,
In light, through dark,
The rest and wait,
Maturity is moist
With the waters of time,
And the sweetness of childhood,
In love retains,
Call me a baby for I am fain
To hold your bosom and huatily proclaim,
I am a child, A new born in love.

Oh My Godess!

The everlasting infancy
Of my passionate longing,
Put me inside
The burning heat of your desire!
And let the hidden flames
Consume my mortality;
Feed me upon the frantic,
Strange, sweet delights!
And be my soul entranced
In the annointing of Ambroisa!
And cover my skin
With the tender kisses
Of your Freesia!

Hanook Gohar.

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