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luni, 8 aprilie 2013


1. "Enchanting Garden of Love"

 In the enchanting garden of love
 Fruits of desires poised the nectar
 From the raw material of honey
 And inrich the thirst of longing souls
 In the enchanting garden of love
 Flowers of passion sip the juice
 From the sting of mummring bees and
 Bloom the hearts in tranqual sophistication
 In the enchanting garden of love
 Grass of ecstasy thrives profusely
 Under the pestry light and get feed
 From the chest of divine earth.

 2. "In Her Rich World of Delicate Dreams"

In her rich world of delicate dreams
She feels the peace as the silent streams
The fantasies of marvel inchants her soul
She hears the whispers like a sleepy doll
She touch the clouds and fly up in the sky
And feels the freedom as a tranqual butterfly
The bed of roses is her divine treasure
Here she acquire her adorable pleasure
She lost her soul in this velley of imaginations
And collect the words of pure sensations.

 3. "Light of Love"

I can see the light of love In the mistral of heavens
Appear in the cozy retreat
To illuminate my silent thoughts
Alarming the blue bells
And sheding the mist of fear
With the vintage celery stick
In the shape of a divine angel
I can see the light of love.

 4. "A Fantasy Land"

In the moon light i dream for that fantasy land
Where magic songs play with instrumental band
Purple light prevails and fairies at the dance
Promising passionate lovers wait for their chance
It awakes easthetic senses of a sensuous mind
You never fallen before in ecstasy of such kind
Golden colour dresses present a lovely sight
An adorable beauty appears to sparkle the night
When orchestra starts it engulf emotional raise
Sweet tune cherish hearts and get full praise
When blood gets warm it increase human lust
Here youth get crazy and loose their trust. 

5. "Mimosa Fountain of Mystery"

You are a mimosa fountain of mystery
Elows smoothly from the ski slope
Into the sacred isle of enchanting garden
Inriched with the nectar of purity
Where naked desires are lurking
To get the fulfilment of divine love
And purge the serene soul

 6. "In The Silent Stream of Love"

 As you appeared In the shdow of hope
 To illuminate my ways
 In this silent stream of love
 You softly teased my thoughts
 Touch my aesthetic senses
 I gentally hold your hand
 And enter into this
 Illusionary world of eternity.

 7. " And They Say I Am in Love"

 Seeds of intense desires are taking birth
 Flame of lust burning brightly inside
 Heart throbes with an instrumental beat
 And they i am in love
 Enchanting imaginations perfume my thoughts
 Vague mist slowly termintes
 Light of purity illuminate my soul
 And they say i am in love
 Eyes can see your abstract image
 In crystalline compound of desires
 Sourness changes into sweetness.

 8. "Garland of Wine Leaves"

 Wearing the garland of wine leaves
 Clustured in the precious beads of hope
 With the magnificiant glow in her cheeks
 And lips mummered in the rddish wine
 Sparkling eyes and timed expressions
 To unleash the mystery of romance
 And attain the fruits of her wild desires
 A lady of love entered in the dream land
 With whim notions of uncertain glory.

 9. "You Will Miss Me"

You will never forget the charms of my eyes
When you will try to read unspoken words
You will miss me ,
The way you used to send cherishable text to me
Whenever you will write a word to someone
You will miss me ,
Who will comfort you with the true warmth of love
When you will feel cold in the lonely nights
You will miss me ,
Like i used to wipe your tears and kiss your face
When the rain of sadness makes you cry 
You will miss me ,
There involves the hard luck of my destiney
Whenever you will wear black colour
You will miss me ,

 10. "Peace of Eternal Love"

 Thirsty souls are merged
 Into pure wine leaves
 Watered from the bossom
 Of rich divine earth
 And gaining the peace
 Of eternal love.

 11. "In the smoke of Coffee"

An adorable reflection
Appear in the smoke of coffee
Dancing in the wave
Straight and curled
Come near to embrace me
Then go around in the circle
Playing with my thoughts
And perfume my silence
Take me into another world of trance
Where i can feel your existence around
I can smell your presence
In the smoke of coffee
I can taste your sweetness
When my lips meet the cup
To sip a draught of purity..

 12. "Journey of Illusions Ends in Eternity"

I am flying in the purple light of rich hope
Dwelling in the essence of pure imaginations
Tasting the honey from the pot of divinity
Having the ecstatic pleasures of love
And this journey of illusions Ends in eternity.

 13. " Only For You "

Only for you my dear
This moving world
These stars and sky
The whole beauty of nature
Only for you !
My nights and days
Are meaningless without you
My ways my connections are
Only for you !
If you ever ask me
The purpose of my writing
And If you just desire
I will bring stars from the sky
If you call me one day
I will return to you forever
My loneliness my gatherings
And my 'Poetic Thoughts'
Only for you my dear !

 14. "Grass of Fertility " I

In the mid of illusionary clouds of lust
I am seeking the blessings of love rain
My homeless dreams are yearning
To get wet again in the pure drops
And thirsty bosom of my heart
Needs the grass of fertility .

15. "You Smell As Fresh Flowers"

My love you smell as fresh flowers
Which blossom with the morning dew
Wash away the dusky dirt
And purify my serene soul
Minty straws of your breath
Dipped in pear sensation of
A mystic river that flows calmly
From the ecstatic isle of sublimity
My love you smell as fresh flowers
Which graciously bloom in
The enchanting garden of love.

16. "I Wish Evening Falls "

I wish evening falls
When we get together
You hold my hands
And walk by miles with me
Sometimes you sit by my side
Put your hand on my heart
To feel the passion of love
Whenever i get sad
And pain make me cry
You gentally wipe my tears
Before they drop from eyes
And you slowly whisper
And say these words
You are not alone
I am with you In this journey of life.

17. "In The Garden of Divinity"

In the garden of divinity
Dreams are wandering
To get the nectar of purity
And leaves of desires are
Sipping the filament of love and peace
From the chest of imaginary clouds.

18. "Painting My Desires In The Sky "

The smoke of burning passions rises once again
Sweet sensation stretches and overcome my pain
Fantasies are all around and i can feel this earth
Seed of new lovable life are at their birth
My thought are alive as i am going to fly
Yearning to paint my desires in the sky
I can hear the music from the unsong beat
It charms my senses and blow the heat
A rey of hope shine my emotions so bright
Like a dreamy doll of love i will hold this tight.

19. "I am in Love With Nature"

I am in love with nature
It takes me into the dreams of magnolia
It portraited with the magical ink
By the hands of God with Purification
And malachite in the crystal flake of love
The coral pink buds opens up sweetly
Like a baby star gets the birth
Fresh petals bloom splendidly
Like a sassy lady glow in ecstasy of love
Violet flowers twinkle in the shade of sun
Like a chiffon dolly's cheeks make the blush
The grass of love showers its supermacy
As a cornelian dove rech to her zest
Cuming seasoning spread the jasmine scent
As plum lips attain the blonde ambition
These natural aspects amuse my soul
And I fall in love with nature
In the enchanting garden of love .

20. "Scarlet Sky Glitters"

Scarlet sky is glittering around
In the divine bossom of love
Pours the mysterious scent
And elements of freshness and purity
Into my thirsty soul
And comfort my body
With supreme pleasures
Of eternal love.

21. "I Am Not in My Own Dreams"

I am not in my own dreams
Your love took me to extreme
I never had the inner peace of this kind
You have occupied my heart and mind
I wonder if you charm spell me over 
And turned my soul into your
A strange magical music always i hear
And I start sweet silly dance in the air
You entered deeply into my heart and soul
And taught me how to love as a whole
You make my life happy and worth living
I wish you never stop in your love giving
I was not aware of my own identity before
Now i can feel my presance for sure.

22. "In Gray Moon"

I am perplexed
In the twilight of memories
And I seek your face
In gray moon .

23. "Let Me Try My Love For Few More Days"

 Let me try my love for few more days
Why should i have to tell that
How much i lover her
Love does not reruire words for expression
It is a harmony
That bond the souls together
And i heard that If love is true
Then a strange wave of feelings
Runs through the veins
Mix into emotions and
Then change into passions
Let this wave excite her emotions too
Let her feel the real warmth of my love
Let her underestand the true meanings
Let me try my love for few more days .

24. "Woman In Love"

A pretty blush that turns into glow
A secret she hides does not want to show
She talks to herself that make her smile
But she knows has to wait for a while
Holding the grapes that increase her lust
And this joyous mood strengthen her trust
The burning desires makes her to sing
Sweet gay songs of romantic spring
She long to sit and conjure the wine
In the shadow of tallest trees of pine
Like a virgin of love in her passionate flow
Teasing our thoughts with her fabulous blow.

  25. "My Way of Love"

Let me be in my dreams
Till i find out my way of love I have had enough of 
False promises of earthly people
Let me get the light
From the holy paradise
That illuminate my heart
And purgate my soul
With divine love of eternity
Let me be in my dreams
Till i find out my way of love .

26. "The Purification of Soul"

I put my thirsty lips on the bray
To taste the sweetness of honey comb
Like an infant on coral reef
Suck the rich milk from
The divine chest of immortality
To get the purification of soul .

27. "You Covered Me in The Roses of Lov"

You entered in the street of my heart
Like you were aware of all the ways
You perfumed my senses with your breath
And tease my conscious with your whispers
That woked up my dead emotions
You are an artist of my silent esteem
Who occupied my wandering spirit
And covered me in the roses of love
You entered in the street of my heart
And covered me in the roses of love .

28."Sweet Sensation of Love"

A sweet senstation of love
Dwelling me towards that ecstatic state
Where imaginations turn into desires
Wild passions and glowing emotions
Help to mustured up the courage
And touch the extreem height of purity
To feel the everlasting pleasures of romance
With an urge that increase my lust
To fly in the air and dance with an angel
And remove the thirst of lonely soul
Feel the mellow pleasures
And divine bliss of crazy love .

29. "I Am Existing Around You"

I am existing around you my love
Feel my presence in the air
Smell me in fresh flowers
Taste me in tasteless water
Touch me in your imginations
I am there in every object
I am there to fulfill your desires
I am the sense of your evil passions
I am the craze of your excitements
Feel my presence in the air
I am existing around you my love .

30. " We Fall in Love"

Love is a vague promise
That made to be broken
Love is a river of burning desires
That takes the passion to its peak
Love is a month of June
That last its effects afterwards
Love is a frozen ice
That cease our lips in pain
Love is a melting volcano
That burns the body full of fire
Love is a dark night
That brings fears all over
Love is a blue weather
That charms our sensuous eyes
Love is a smell of clay
That gives a sense of eternity
Love is a shelter for a butterfly
That comfort her in tiredness
But it is true It happens !
We fall in love
With some unknown places
With a lonely desert
With a strange personality
With the tangled ways of life
With a child's paper boat
With a glimpse of beauty
With a false consolation
With an unfulfilled desire
That we hide in our hearts
It happens ! We fall in love.

 31. "I Want To Be With You Again"

I want to be with you again
As we first met in the park lane
A craze beginning to grow inside
I long to see those shores and tides
Where we sit and talk the beauty of life
Wished to be your husband and you my wife
A passion that swings us along with the air
Together we inlight that burning flair
We glow we blush we rise we bend
And slowly this fairy tale comes to an end.

32. "Dream of Woodland"

I wish your quest takes you to woodland
The sun nearly set with the musical band
Then you loose your way by the dark stream
Horror and loneliness make you to scream
You long for someone who can remove fears
Illuminate your hopes and wipe your tears
There i appear carrying a candle in the night
You fall with me in love and hold my hand tight
We stay in eachother's arms and our desires burn
We forget the whole world and never return.

33."Factious desires"

My scattered thoughts Jingling amidst of burning fire
Like a nudist in wild ecstasy
With factious desires
To drink the blood of fire
And melt away the ugly lust
Of this barbarian soul.

34."Illuminating Street of Fantasies"

When purle pale lights shine in the dark
And illuminate the street of fantasies
It explodes the magic of sensations
Which excite every dead emotion
When eyes caress eyes
And hearts beat in same symphony
Of love and merry making
And desires convert into lust
It gives bodies an emotional raise
When passions burn intensively
And bring lusty souls together
To quench their wild thirst
And Short lasting love stories
Reache to their climax
In this illuminating street of fantasies.

 35."A Source of Inspiration"

A mysterious rey of hope
Sparkle in her blue eyes
That entertain every heart
A pure fountain of alogo
ttain the charms of love
A divine source of inspiration for yearning spirits
The godess of beauty
Exists in the enchanting garden of love.

 36."Strive For Love and Life"

A vexing dream squeez my hidden desire
And hearth of my soul burns in full fire
Symphony of love shrouded in the air
Sweet whispers of your lips still i can hear
Beads of precious memories clustured my mind
Decorate my wishes with pearls superior kind
My emotions are at lift and body in full swing
Like a drowsy errant fly without any wing
Purity and comfort seeping into my heart
This romantic mystic elegance playing its part
This cherishable scent emboldens my pain
And i strive for love and life once again .

37. "I Miss You So Much"

In the stars of my destiny
In the huge crowd of this world
On the verge of my sadness
Sometimes in deserted cities
And empty lonely paths
Sometimes in wandering eyes
And in lifeless moments
Your memories silently appear
And whisper in my ears
That makes my eyes wet
Apparently tears fall down
I console myself with a fake smile
And only i say these words
Why you tease my thoughts?
Why i miss you so much ?
I miss you so much !

38."The charms of Spring"

Here ends the Autumn and
Spring arrives again
To fulfill the promise of the last summer's rain
Witheard leaves fallen and branches get's new life
As a warrior returns home to surprize his wife
Buds turn to flowers and sparkle their bloom
Like a boy shows maturity in his glowing groom
Mellow fruits get birth and trees look supereme
Greenery take charge and and flourish to its extreme
Chriping of birds make such a pleasant sound
Beauty is alive and joyous songs all around
Fragrance spreads from the north to east polls
It glorifies nature and delight our souls.

39." It Does Not Make Sense"

Oh just leave it It does not make sense
In a room of memories
Me and my sheer loneliness
Talk to eachother for so long
Hold the pillow of hope
And then surrender
To the arms of sleep
Have the dreams of dancing fairies
And the pleasures of divinity

 40. "In Her Instrumental Mood"

With an absolute elegance and purity
Meeting the touches of sophistication
And the pleasures of serenity
Ewoke the passions all around
The fluency of tune excite
Every limb of human body
Sweet sound of emotionally played flute
Leave its sublime effects on hearts
Ecstatic feelings of divinity
Blowing away the worries of jaded life
In her instrumental mood of rich imaginations
And she gets the traformation of her soul
Into supereme world of pleasures
Where she feels the inner peace
She attracts the attention
Like a princess in her wild ecstasy
Ready to flirt with her own temptations
On those who constantly seek the beauty.

41. "Desires Mixed in Lust"

I can see this marvellous attraction in your eyes
That amuse my soul and keep my hopes alive
I crave for your beauty and my desires are pure
That one day we will be together for sure
We hold eachother tight and passions get burst
The way we can quench our lustful thirst
Let the shackle of honesty get break
Every dead emotion need to be awake
We get satisfaction though never complain
With the promise to do it again and again.

42. "Stallion of Love"

An intense passion is peeping 
Through the obscure thoughts 
And intoxicating senses 
A wild ecstasy is touching the limbs 
Flame of burning fire heated the blood
In extreme state of passions 
Lady of love gets drowsy 
 nd yearn intensively 
For the the stallion of love. 

 43. "Butterfly of Freedom" 

Butterfly of freedom 
Flutters in the purple ode 
Of an enchanting garden
Sip the nectar of red cherries
Taste the lips of groomed plums 
Tease the flowers of thoughts 
And spread the message of love and peace. 

 44."A Crazy And Romantic Art" 

You and I as tough we have been taught 
To perform this crazy and romantic art 
We hold each other and slowly our lips meet 
It awakes the passions and we are up to our feet 
When it gets intense we forget the whole 
We roll our bodies to comfort the soul. 

 45. "Apple of Forgetfulness" 

I remember when you and me 
In the enchanting garden of love 
Tasted the fruits of ecstasy 
In the menace of evening haze 
The fume of majestic poppies 
Overcame our frail thoughts 
And we let the emotions glow 
In the meadows of sensation 
To ripened the sulky desires 
The strange musk of purity 
Led us consciously to eat 
The apple of forgetfulness. 

Haraeen Hussein,
Poet - Pakistan

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