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luni, 29 aprilie 2013



Now that, standing at the shore of sands,
Time is beckoning;

Now that I must Depart!

Oh my dearly beloved
Whom I loved but not with mind:
Oh my darling 
My dispersible charming vase.

Now I leave you, but not alone;
For you in your Kingdom,
Will be received as an Eastern bride.

The fervent clemency of time bestowed us
Years of all delighted desires,
From the first breath of Spring
When I bloomed in the glistening waters
And assumed your light
Till this last Tear of the fall
That will, in the thirst of dust,
Be imbued forever.

Destined to shatter and bound to flee
This shadowy realm, chasing Eternity;

Yet how unconditionally and purely knitted,
This breathy thread to tie this bond;
Where uncertainty looms each single breath,
And hope drags this line!

Under the last shade of this full-sun day,
Now sit with me for the last time.

Kiss me with the vigor of gone days 
Just for last let the sleeping memories rise 
Into a fresh youth.
The gaily childhood and lilted swings of auroras arms 
The gaiety youth!
Where upon I wrote all my gay fancies;
And painted all my passionate nights.

In glee, bid me adieu, 
And let not clouds cry out
So why the eyes be groaning 
And why the faces be pale

Oh behold now !

Behold, I have paid the price,
And here comes the fairy Chariot
To carry me away, to take me home.

Good Bye! Good Bye! Good Bye!

Hanook Gohar,

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