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vineri, 14 decembrie 2012


Nightingale’s Joy

I am nightingale, my song you.
Oh my love, my dearest love,
Night after nights, my heart sang of you,
To the shining stars and raining skies,
My lips hymned your stories too.
My thrashing wings,
Through the groves flew.
My heart embraced,
My lips without adieu.

Dancing upon the airy drifts,
It is but LOVE, I strew.
Over the mortal castles,
Abound in majestic hue,
My sight caught the glimpse,
Where my beloved live you.
In a husky dwelling,
Your sweetness always accrue.
You are divine and me too,
For sharing my lot in you.
In you when I am passed,
I am presumed anew.
We are exalted, and beautified,
For we drank the heavenly brew.

Hanook Gohar

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