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luni, 24 decembrie 2012



Let my heart beat, feel you so deep,

Oh my fascination, oh my sweet enchanting song 
Thy chords drag me 
To the lands so far away 
Where love reigns, 
Eyes see nothing but Light 

Where there is nothing to groan for 

Nothing to wish for and not met 
Indeed these moments when joy 
I feel piercing down deep into the soul 
Are truly BUT Divine. 

You flow into the mystic current, 

And soul echoes through the limitless 
And is listened to the infinities of these spheres. 
Nothing more joyous and blissful then
Being felt being the string of that

Immortal instrument being played

By my Beloved in the Higher regions of my soul 
My existence just becomes a Divine Basking 
in the Source of all light 
I shine with glorious flames. 

Hanook Gohar. 
24/12/2012 —

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